August 30, 2007

Chart Review

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Patient Records Needs Review is the cryptic title from a Wall Street Journal article that advises everyone to review their own medical records for errors, miscodings, outdated diagnoses, and other inaccuracies. ”Savvy consumers know to check their credit score before applying for a loan. What is less well known is that consumers can improve their chances of getting insured — and of paying lower premiums — by checking that medical information held by doctors, hospitals and pharmacies is accurate…the U.S. health-care system relies mainly on paper records, which make it harder to coordinate care and spot errors.” The article closes with a big nod to EHRs: ”…until the U.S. develops a comprehensive, consolidated [electronic health records] system, the burden falls to individuals to keep tabs on their health histories.”

The article quotes Joy Pritts, research associate professor at Georgetown University’s Health Policy Institute and founding director of their Center of Medical Record Rights and Privacy.  

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