February 13, 2007

Ranking Relevancy

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A new interface for Medline searches, ReleMed ranks citations based on the proximity of search terms to one another in adjoining or nearby sentences, brings up selected sentences from the article with the search terms highlighted, and links to the PubMed citation. Read more about it in Relemed: Sentence-level Search Engine With Relevance Score for the Medline Database of Biomedical Articles from last month’s BioMedCentral open access journal, BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making. ReleMed is a gift from Mir Siadaty, MD at the Department of Public Health Sciences, University of Virginia School of Medicine.

Tooting their own horn

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Missing from among the initiatives on Health and Human Services (HHS)’s Health Information Technology list of Major HIT Accomplishments: 2004-2006 is the creation of their much improved Web site.

The list provides a nice review of past major government initiatives and, more important, what projects the federal government will support in 2007 and beyond. Leading the list is the National Healthcare Information Network, followed by future recommendations from HHS’s advisory board, the American Health Information Community; and the coordination of state with federal laws on privacy and security of patient data. Details on each can be accessed from the site’s left navigation panel.

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