October 27, 2006

Open house for house staff

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American College of Physicians Associate members (residents and house staff) can get free access to ACP Medicine (previously Scientific American Medicine, now edited by ACP and published by WebMD). ACP provides Associate members with an onlne ACP Medicine account number. The rest of us ACP members and non-members are charged a pricey amount for full access, but everyone can access ACP promo page, which includes a link under Special Features to this month’s What’s New in ACP Medicine, a worthwhile summary of several months’ old clinical information from journals and such. After clicking, look up top for a link to receive the monthly update free by email. MCR reviewed ACP Medicine back in March/April 2005, and there’s a DejaView describing their new interface July/August 2005.


Several new archived teleconferences and webinars at American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) e-Learning Center, along with new upcoming course offerings. Some are free, others are discounted for AMIA members. Alas, no CME credit.

September 26, 2006

Resuscitating Anne’s great great grandchildren

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The September issue of International Review of Information Ethics (IRIE) is on Ethics in Information Technology in Medicine and Health Care. Recommended: the article by two Finnish information technologists on The Use of Extremely Anthropomorphized Artefacts in Medicine, which examines the implications of using human-like robots in training medical students—far more natural appearing than today’s familiar CPR training mannequin, Anne. “Before the technology reaches its peak and the students can practice with artefacts that respond exactly like human beings we must define principles and ensure in practice that the transition from “manikin to man” goes with as few complications as possible…the instructors should be able to orient the students into a right state of mind prior to actual training.” IRIE does not describe itself as open access, though its contents are available to those who register (free).

July 3, 2006

Welcome to News&Views

These concise (ideally) summaries and occasional irreverencies on medical computing and assorted topics will be written by Marjorie Lazoff, MD with Lee Ann Riesenberg, PhD, RN, riding shotgun as editor. Kudos to Rhizoid Design for adapting the News&Views interface to meet our picky needs. Drs. Lazoff and Riesenberg both work on the open-access publication Medical Computing Review, freely available elsewhere on this site, which we hope you will visit and enjoy. 

Happy Independence Day! 

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