July 15, 2007

New editorial interns to N&Vs

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We’re thrilled to have two new editorial interns join our staff! Naomi Levinthal and Russ Hinz are both currently enrolled  in the Masters of Medical Informatics program at Northwestern University. They will contribute N&V items as part of our editorial process. Look for their work listed under their own category.

Marjorie Lazoff, MD

Editor-in-Chief, News&Views 


July 3, 2006

Welcome to News&Views

These concise (ideally) summaries and occasional irreverencies on medical computing and assorted topics will be written by Marjorie Lazoff, MD with Lee Ann Riesenberg, PhD, RN, riding shotgun as editor. Kudos to Rhizoid Design for adapting the News&Views interface to meet our picky needs. Drs. Lazoff and Riesenberg both work on the open-access publication Medical Computing Review, freely available elsewhere on this site, which we hope you will visit and enjoy. 

Happy Independence Day! 

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